At the Virginia Port Authority, the design, implementation and oversight of capital construction projects at the agency's terminals fall under the purview of the Operations Division.

The Operations Division is composed of individuals that focus on each of the following areas: engineering, planning, design, project management and security.

The Operations Division is responsible for the implementation of planning, execution and oversight of capital projects that are part of the long-term growth plan for the state-owned and managed terminals. This includes the renovation of existing facilities as well as the development of new facilities. The scope of work includes everything from rail to road to marine terminal construction.

In addition, the function of securing the agency's terminals is overseen by the Operations Division. Those responsibilities include the security planning effort, implementation of those plans and management of the VPA Police Department.


The VPA Engineering department is responsible for the implementation of plans and specifications for the long-term growth of the Port which includes the renovation of existing facilities as well as the development of new facilities. The complete renewal of NIT to a state of the art container terminal in the past several years is a paradigm of facility renovation, and the development proposed fourth marine terminal at Craney Island will add tremendous growth potential.

Engineering Contacts

Chief Engineer
Kevin P. Abt, P.E.
Phone: (757) 683-2139
Email: kabt@portofvirginia.com  

Port Development Project Manager
Andy Kondysar, P.E.
Phone: (757) 683-9902
Email: akondysar@portofvirginia.com

Executive Assistant to Jeff Florin
Michelle Wallace
Phone: (757) 683-2153
Email: mwallace@portofvirginia.com

Security Contacts

Director, Maritime Incident Response Team
Virginia Port Authority
Bill Burket
757-615-6661  cell

Executive Assistant
Rebecca Killen
Phone: (757) 683-2124
Email: rkillen@portofvirginia.com



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