Master Plan

Opportunities are plentiful for the port to stimulate commerce, facilitate growth, and accrue economic benefits to Virginia by expanding its presence as one of the premier US gateways to international trade. We will continue to work tirelessly to support the advanced logistic networks that deliver goods to the nation’s consumers and allow US manufacturers to successfully compete in the global marketplace.

The 2065 Master Plan integrates these growth opportunities into updated demand forecasts and aligns the port’s capital improvement project schedules to enable the port to capture it.

These projects include:

  • utilizing advanced equipment at NIT
  • expanding VIG
  • constructing the Craney Island Marine Terminal
  • investment at Richmond Marine Terminal to upgrade the equipment and facilities
  • reinvesting in PMT and NNMT for non-containerized cargo services.

The plan further provides a near and long-term strategy for the port that ensures the delivery of needed infrastructure that is fiscally responsible and sustainable, recognizes the value of regional transportation investments, and supports operational excellence through innovation. Successful execution of the 2065 Master Plan will stimulate commerce, facilitate growth and accrue economic benefits to the Commonwealth and the nation.

Click here to view the Executive Summary of the 2065 Master Plan.