Terminal Safety Infraction Policy

The Port of Virginia Terminal Safety Infraction Policy

The purpose of this Terminal Safety Infraction Policy (“TSIP”) is to encourage safety excellence and compliance with health and safety rules on all terminals owned or leased by the Virginia Port Authority (“VPA”) (the “Terminals”).  The guiding principle for this TSIP will be to educate offenders.  Penalties for health and safety rule infractions will be issued with the primary purpose of modifying behavior.   The TSIP is described below.

Health and Safety Rules for Motor Carriers – October 2016 (pdf)

Health and Safety Rules for Patrons – October 2016 (pdf)

1. Terminal Audit

2. Health and Safety Excellence Panel

3. Publishing of Health and Safety Rules

4. Observation of a Health and Safety Rule Violation

5. Health and Safety Citation Training

6. Health and Safety Citation Routing

7. Penalties

8. Penalty Mitigation

9. Implementation of Port Access Suspension

10. Release of Port Access Suspension

11. Authority to Make Changes


1.1 Date: August 19, 2015

1.2 Coordination: Shawn Tibbetts, COO (VIT)
Travis Hill, Vice President of Container Terminals (VIT)
Peter Trocchiano, Vice President of Multi-Use Terminals (VIT)
Eric Casey, Vice President, Maintenance (VIT)
Chris Harrell, Vice President, Contracts and Risk Management (VPA)
James Noel, General Counsel (VPA)
Michael Brewer, Colonel, Chief of Police (VPA)
Vance Griffin, Director, Terminal Services (VIT)
Bill Burkett, Director, Maritime Incident Response Team (VPA)
Ronald Babski, Director, Health & Safety (VIT)
James Ford, CP&O
William Parker, CERES

1.3 Approval: John Reinhart, Executive Director (VPA)