Change in PRO-PASS TRS Business Rules (effective Nov. 8)

November 2, 2018

The PRO-PASS Truck Reservation System (TRS) continues to create efficiencies across the port.  As a percentage of total gate moves, TRS transactions exceeded 50 percent of all gate activity for the week ending October 28.  In the eight months since TRS was initially deployed, we have maintained open lines of communication with you, soliciting feedback through multiple committees and organizations.  Your observations and suggestions continue to shape our policies.

Based on recent feedback provided by the trucking community, we are pleased to announce the following changes to the business rules governing the TRS program:

Effective Thursday, November 8, 2018

  • The TRS reservation window will open at 0900 hours Monday – Friday
    • At 0900 on Mondays, reservations will be available for Tuesday
    • At 0900 on Tuesdays, reservations will be available for Wednesday
    • At 0900 on Wednesdays, reservations will be available for Thursday
    • At 0900 on Thursdays, reservations will be available for Friday
    • At 0900 on Fridays, reservations will be available for Saturday and Monday
  • The majority of trucking companies stated that compressing the TRS lead time will facilitate better utilization
    • Making reservations closer to the actual transaction time will reduce the number of cancelled/missed slots
    • Reducing cancellations and misses leads to more productive transactions for the trucking community and the port

In late August, we began to publish the Empty Return Policy Matrix for the second day.  For example, on Mondays at 1500 hours – Wednesday’s empty return instructions are posted.  This policy remains in effect with NO CHANGES.  Extended visibility on empty return requirements also improves TRS planning for all parties.

We appreciate your continued flexibility and partnership.