Dedicated Rail Lanes – NIT South’s RMG Stacks

August 27, 2019

As you know, the expansion and optimization of Virginia International Gateway (VIG) is complete, offering vital new cargo capacity for the 2019 peak season.  At Norfolk International Terminals (NIT), historic improvements continue.  Seventeen new semi-automated container stacks are already in service at NIT South.

In order to maximize the efficient operation of the new NIT South stacks, balancing the demand for over-the-road and rail cargoes, please be advised of the following:


  • Intermodal rail containers will be drayed to/from the NIT South container stacks during posted truck gate hours
  • In stacks 7 – 18:  Lane 5, in each stack, will be dedicated to servicing rail containers
  • A red lane light will indicate restrictions in lane 5 across all 12 stacks (see the photo below)
  • The availability of Trucker Reservation System (TRS) appointments will NOT be impacted

Why will NIT co-mingle rail and truck cargoes in each stack, rather than establishing rail-dedicated stacks (the current model at VIG)?

  • NIT South benefits from a large, 60-lane, truck staging area (not present at VIG)
    • Use of the staging area facilitates efficient lane-by-lane dispatch of NIT South’s 17 container stacks
  • Use of dedicated rail lanes ensures greater RMG crane availability for trucks
    • Rail dedicated stacks remove RMGs from truck service
    • All of the 34 new RMGs at NIT South remain available to service over-the-road trucks

The TRS Team is committed to ensuring that daily reservation capacity remains unchanged at NIT South. 

If you have questions regarding this new policy, please contact our Customer Service Team at 757-440-7160 /