Expansion of Mandatory TRS Hours at NIT / Queuing Policy (effective Aug. 2)

July 23, 2018

Thanks to your support, the PRO-PASS Truck Reservation System (TRS) continues to gain momentum.  With nearly five months of daily experience at Norfolk International Terminals (NIT), we are encouraged by the improved turn times and the associated gains in productivity and throughput.

As of Thursday, August 2, 2018, please be advised of the following:

  • At NIT, mandatory TRS hours will be enforced from 0500 hours (gate opening) to 1100 hours, Monday – Friday
    • Unrestricted gate hours (no reservation required) will commence at 1100 hours, Monday – Friday
  • NIT’s Saturday gate hours are already TRS mandatory (0700 – 1200 hours)

Trucks arriving during these hours, without reservations, will be turned away and will not be permitted to queue on terminal property**.

At NIT North and South, the inbound OCR portals will open at 0500 hours Monday – Friday and at 0700 hours on Saturdays, in parallel with the actual gate openings.  No truck queueing will be permitted prior to the opening of the OCR portals**.

Drivers arriving early for validated reservations (more than 30 minutes prior) will be turned away and will not be permitted to queue on terminal property**.  Drivers arriving late for validated reservations (more than 30 minutes after the one hour block) will be turned away and may only return when unrestricted gate hours have resumed, or a new reservation has been validated.

** Note: Recognizing that a certain number of trucks will likely time their NIT arrival as close to 0500 as possible, we are designating a seven acre off-terminal lot at NIT North (highlighted in red in the photo) for short-term truck queuing.  This lot, across from the Drivers’ Assistance building, will open at 0430 hours Monday – Friday, and remain open until 1100 hours, when the mandatory reservation period concludes.  Drivers headed to NIT’s North and/or South gates may use this lot at their discretion.  Any equipment left unattended in this lot, including chassis/containers, will be removed at the trucking company’s expense.

Questions regarding the Truck Reservation System should be directed to the TRS info. line – (757) 292-4545 – or POVTruckerReservationSystem@vit.org.

Thank you for your support and flexibility.