Crane Specifications

Crane Specs

Crane SpecificationsVIGNIT SouthNIT NorthPMTNNMT
Number of Cranes88661
Container Count Across Vessel2225221712
Capacity Long Tons
Cont Bar6565504050
H/L Bar100806048179
Length of Boom "A" (ft)213231200151114
Fender - Distance from offshore gantry rail to offshore edge of fender system (ft)1620131010
Distance from Trolley to Hard Offshore Stop (ft)-----
Height of Water to Dock (MLW) (ft)1310101313
Height of Water to Dock (MHW) (ft)1077710
Height of Spreader to Dock "B" (ft) 13112811811582
Height of Spreader to Water (MHW) (ft)14113512512195
Distance from Spreader to Hard Up-stop (ft)-----
Height Boom to Dock "C"15415413711898
Height Boom to Water (MHW) (ft)164161144144109
Height under Beam "D" (ft)5656564336
Overall Length (ft)89898992121
Width between Legs (ft)5959596652
Rail Guage (ft)1021021024949
Back Reach Distance (ft)8273756656