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Norfolk International Terminals – South Gate
7737 Hampton Blvd.
Norfolk, VA 23505
Additional waypoint – Intersection of Hampton and International Terminal Blvd.
Phone (for facility directions and hours only): 757-296-3505

Norfolk International Terminals – North Gate

Exclusive access to and from the NIT North Gate, and neighboring facilities** is via I-564’s new Intermodal Connector.

Traffic destined to NIT North will proceed from I-64 to I-564 west, towards Naval Station Norfolk.  After passing the Terminal Blvd. exit on I-564, drivers will take exit 1 – NIT ramp – and proceed directly to the North Gate.

Traffic exiting NIT North will take the I-564 east ramp and proceed to I-564 via the new Intermodal Connector.

The NIT North Truck Gate, and neighboring facilities** CANNOT be accessed via Hampton Blvd.  Exclusive access is provided via I-564’s new Intermodal Connector.

**Neighboring facilities include Lehigh Cement, Lineage Logistics (Perdue Freezer), Port Police HQ and ID office and Pier 3.

Norfolk International Terminals – Personal Occupancy Vehicle (POV) gate

All POV and non-cargo traffic (FEDEX, contractors, visitors, etc.) will utilize the Baker St. POV gate.

The Baker St. POV gate operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  POV parking is available at Baker Street in a fenced lot, outside the secure perimeter.  Visitors’ credentials will be issued at the Baker Street gate.