Virginia International Gateway (VIG)

Virginia International Gateway (VIG) is a privately owned marine container terminal located along the Elizabeth River in Portsmouth, Virginia. The facility was commissioned in July 2007, and is the largest privately-owned container terminal in the United States. In July 2010, the VPA and VIG entered into a 20-year lease agreement under which the VPA is now operating VIG.

VIG is one of the only functional automated container terminals in the Western Hemisphere. The facility is a U.S. Customs-designated port of entry, and the full range of customs functions is available to customers. VIG sits on a total footprint of 576 acres. Phase I of VIG’s development, at 231 acres, can process over one million TEUs annually. Phase II will add approximately 60 acres in additional space and another one million-plus TEUs in capacity.

The terminal is designed to serve super post-Panamax class vessels, and is accessible by a 50-feet navigation channel, direct interchange to the interstate highway system, and double-stack intermodal service. The terminal is constructed as a semi-automated operation, with a mix of manual and automated container handling equipment. Its design is unique in that many of the terminal’s operations are performed remotely from a centralized terminal operations center, promoting efficiency, accuracy, and employee safety.

The container wharf provides 3,205 feet of effective berth capacity. This currently fits two or three vessels; however, as vessel sizes increase and shipping lines search for economies of scale, VIG berth space will be routinely reduced to two vessels. The terminal is equipped with a fleet of eight super post-Panamax cranes, capable of handling the largest container vessels.

The container yard consists of approximately 65-acres semi-automated rail mounted gantry (RMG) stacked acres of dedicated storage space for full and empty containers, wheeled refrigerated containers, wheeled oversized loads. The facility is equipped with a six-track on-dock intermodal yard. The intermodal transfer facility is served by Norfolk Southern and CSX through an operating agreement with the Commonwealth Railway. The terminal has 13,200 feet of working track.

VIG  is located just off VA-164W in Portsmouth, with easy access to Interstate 64, US Route 17 and US Route 58.


Virginia International Gateway is managed by Virginia International Terminals, LLC (VIT), a private operating company, through a Service Agreement with the Virginia Port Authority (VPA).