Port EQ

Behind all of The Port of Virginia's economic and environmental activity stands a healthy and productive workforce. Our colleagues are our most valuable resource and it's those team members who develop more efficient programs, streamline internal processes and give back to their local communities. In short, they are the port's emotional quotient (EQ) — the human capital that makes The Port of Virginia truly sustainable in every sense of the word.
To foster such a team, we offer several engaging initiatives:

Stewardship Recognition Program (SRP)

Through SRP, we highlight colleagues' work that promotes sustainability, be it environmental, financial or social. At The Port of Virginia, it's all about creating a culture that celebrates successes and fosters future growth for the Commonwealth. Launched in November 2015, SRP is a colleague-driven initiative highlighting excellence through living our values across the organization. Colleagues earn recognition from peers and supervisors via “high fives” and awarded points, which they can exchange for merchandise from an online store.


Tuition Reimbursement Program

In fiscal year 2016, 23 port employees pursued their college degrees with the help of a reimbursement program, which offers port employees $5,000 per year toward their studies.

CDL Pilot Program

Launched in 2016 through a partnership with Tidewater Community College, our in-house commercial driver's license (CDL) training has enabled six port colleagues to obtain their CDL. As employees earn their CDLs, we can operate with greater flexibility and at a reduced cost to move cargo from one terminal to another.

Wellness Programs

In-house CPR training keeps port employees safe and ready to respond. Additionally, incentive programs offer employees the opportunity to earn rewards for completing important health screenings and participating in physical fitness activities. We also offer free annual flu shots, mobile mammography screenings and an onsite clinic, allowing team members to prioritize their health without taking costly time away from the job.

Colleague Engagement Survey

Our annual survey helps us gauge team members' needs and solicit feedback on port processes. With a best-in-class response rate of 97 percent, the survey gives employees an avenue for making recommendations that enhance our culture, ultimately making the port more productive, more profitable and thus, more sustainable.

Every day, we deliver superior service, safe transport and continuous improvement, and our numerous human resources programs enable our employees to be better stewards of their communities and our terminals. Recognizing and fostering our port EQ will keep us moving forward.