Hampton Blvd. Lane Closures (proximity to NIT)

November 29, 2016

Several months ago, the City of Norfolk began working to replace approximately 4,300 feet of water main under southbound Hampton Boulevard between Terminal Boulevard and the Lafayette River bridge, in close proximity to NIT.  To accommodate this work, a single-lane southbound closure has been in place for some time.

We recently received an update from the City of Norfolk:

Due to unforeseen utility conflicts, it will be necessary to close a second lane around-the-clock on southbound Hampton Boulevard from December 5th until the end of the month.

In addition to closing two of the three southbound lanes on Hampton Blvd., between Terminal Blvd. and W. Little Creek Road, the City will also close one of the two southbound left-turn lanes from Terminal Blvd. to Hampton Blvd.

We are assured of the following:

  • The two inbound lanes from Terminal Blvd., entering NIT’s main gate, will not be impacted
  • Trucks exiting NIT’s main gate, and turning right (southbound) on to Hampton Blvd. will have sufficient space (turning radius) to enter the temporary single-lane traffic pattern

Please visit the city’s project website (link) for regular project updates, FAQ’s, impacts, and the ability to sign up for the project update email list.

We will distribute additional information, as necessary, once the two-lane closure begins (December 5th).

Thank you for your continued support.