Improvements for Drivers at the PPCY – Effective January 20, 2020

January 17, 2020

Trucking Partners,

In our ongoing effort to promote a safe operating environment, and efficient cargo transactions, we are pleased to announce the following improvements at the Pinners Point Container Yard (PPCY).

Please refer to the graphic, embedded in the message below. New yard signs will be in place to help direct drivers at the PPCY.


  • The newly-added middle lane (see image) is for traveling purposes only – stopping is NOT PERMITTED
    • If a driver reaches their yard location, via the middle lane, but is unable to merge in, the driver must continue to the end of the yard where the bypass lane is located, following the bypass lane back to the beginning of the yard
  • The travel lane boxes, marked with X, must NOT be blocked
    • There will be signage stating this throughout the yard
    • The purpose of these boxes is to protect and ensure the fluid movement of trucks into, and out of, the service lane areas
  • Drivers are advised to AVOID traveling in the Kubota lane, on the right hand side of the road
    • The Kubota lane is designated with road markings

Thank you for your helpfulness and thank you for supporting The Port of Virginia.