New Badge Scanners/Biometric Readers Installed at VIG

January 10, 2019

The expansion and optimization of Virginia International Gateway (VIG) continues at a rapid rate.  By now, you know that four new ship-to-shore cranes – the largest STS cranes in the Americas – arrived at VIG earlier this week.

In September 2018, four new gate lanes were added to VIG’s inbound truck interchange.  Today, we are pleased to announce the newest advancement at VIG, designed to improve security, related to terminal access.

Effective Immediately:

  • New TWIC badge scanners/biometric readers are being installed in all 17 inbound gate lanes at VIG
  • Upon pulling into the lane, drivers must scan their TWIC badge below the card reader
  • The blue light on the reader will then blink yellow twice, notifying the driver that they must now place their finger on the red illuminated biometric reader (mandatory)
    • A specific finger was registered and recorded with TWIC, when the driver initially applied for the credential
  • Upon successful completion of this process, the blue light on the reader will illuminate green and the verbiage on the lane kiosk will change to “We are now processing your transaction
  • Refer to the image below


This process should be familiar to most drivers, as Norfolk International Terminals (NIT) follows similar procedures.

If you have questions, or concerns, regarding this new process, please contact our Customer Service Team – 757-440-7160 /

Thank you for your flexibility and for your business.