New Gate and TRS Hours – Returning Empty Containers

January 11, 2019

As you know, truck gate and mandatory Truck Reservation System (TRS) hours changed on Jan. 10 (PMT only) and will change on Jan. 17 (NIT, VIG, PPCY).

A summary of these important changes can be found here:  “New Terminal Gate and TRS Hours – Effective January 10 and 17, 2019

Effective Thursday, Jan. 17, Virginia International Gateway’s (VIG) gates will open at 0300 hours, Monday – Friday.  From 0300 – 0500 hours, VIG will be the only Port of Virginia terminal open to trucks.

Regarding the return of empty containers, the daily Empty Return Matrix governs all routings.  Effective Jan. 17, VIG will not accept empty returns outside matrix instructions.  Limiting the volume of empty containers on terminal protects fluidity, reduces the need for housekeeping/grooming moves and ensures a more efficient experience for the truck driver.

  • If the matrix designates empty return to the PPCY, that empty MAY NOT be returned to VIG between 0300 – 0500 hours, nor at any other hour

REMINDER:  During mandatory TRS hours, empty returns routed to VIG and NIT, by matrix, require confirmed TRS reservations.

If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact our Customer Service Team at 757-440-7160 /

Truck Reservation System questions should be directed to our TRS Team at 757-292-4545 /

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