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August 30, 2018

Expansion and optimization work continues at Norfolk International Terminals (NIT) and Virginia International Gateway (VIG).  In addition to historic improvements in physical infrastructure, the port is also focused on updating and streamlining our most frequently used online tools and resources.

The new PRO-PASS portal – – not only supports the daily functions of our Truck Reservation System (TRS), it is also the electronic home of multiple assets that our partners use on a daily basis.

During the month of August, significant progress has been made in expanding the PRO-PASS online toolbox.  The following tools and resources are available with a registered (free) PRO-PASS account:

  • Expanded, multi-day, Empty Return Matrix (now available exclusively on PRO-PASS)
  • Added fumigation events to non-move history
  • Added HREW to move history
  • Added mobile functionality (mobile friendly)
  • Added sorting to all lists returned under Container Search and Booking/EDO’s
  • Improved navigation in bill of lading search by making container numbers link to their details
  • Added vessel ERD to booking details
  • Added check boxes to booking search results (similar to container search results)
  • Added ability to export to MS Excel
  • Added a chassis available for pickup report**
  • Added empties available for pickup** (PPCY/RSA empties are only available on

**Note:  As of Friday, September 7, these two reports – “Chassis Available for Pickup” and “Empties Available for Pickup” – will be available exclusively on (registered account required).  Access via will be discontinued as of September 7.  Information on empties available at the PPCY and RSA can be found on

If you have not done so already, please register for a free PRO-PASS account today.

We are committed to continually improving the functionality of these online tools, based on your feedback.  We will continue to deliver regular updates to the trade, regarding our progress.

For questions regarding PRO-PASS and the new tracking and tracing features, contact our Customer Service Team at 757-440-7160 or email

Thank you for your flexibility and for your business.