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  1. Will Virginia International Terminals (VIT) employ modified gate hours – weekend, late, early -- prior to a possible labor action?
    Officials at The Port of Virginia have started preparing for a strike that could begin Sunday, Dec. 30, at 12:01 a.m. Port officials and stakeholders held their first planning meeting Dec. 17 to discuss what will happen before, during and after the strike; other meetings will be scheduled as needed.

    The terminals will be closed for the Christmas holiday on Dec. 24-25 (Monday-Tuesday), as per normal labor schedules.

    Should no agreement be reached prior to the above-mentioned deadline, the VPA’s marine terminals will be closed until the parties reach resolution at the national level. A strike would also halt barge service to Richmond, Baltimore and all rail service including the trains serving the Virginia Inland Port.
  2. Are all break-bulk and Ro-Ro commodities impacted? If not, can they enter/exit marine terminal during a labor action?
    The ILA has stated that break-bulk will not be impacted; break-bulk work will be dependent upon a local contract. Ro-Ro commodities are covered by the Master Contract and will be subject to the Master Contract agreement.
  3. What will be the status of rubber cargo stored at VIT’s off-dock warehouse?
    Can it be freely handled/move out during a labor action?
    The rubber arrives on a Ro-Ro vessel and may be considered as a part of the Master Contract. VIT will address this under the break-bulk contract with the ILA locally.
  4. Would reefer units be protected by the ILA so that monitoring would continue in the case of a labor action? Can perishable commodities move out of the port and are there any other special arrangements being made?
    The ILA will monitor reefer units, however at this time containers will not move out of the port. The management representatives are currently reviewing special conditions and provisions.
  5. Are any ocean carriers talking about schedule changes to bring as much cargo in as possible prior to a labor action?
    This is a commercial decision to be made by the ocean carrier.
  6. Can reefer units be turned back into the port if a labor action occurs?  What will be done regarding a unit running out of fuel?
    No. In the event of a work stoppage reefer units on terminal will be monitored and mechanically serviced, but no cargo would be received or delivered.
  7. What is the status of train services into/out of the port?
    Trains in Greensboro will be processed. In the event of a work stoppage there will be no receipt and delivery of rail cargo in and out of the terminals.
  8. How would the queue of vessels be handled if there are ships waiting to get in?
    Vessels will be handled in accordance with arrival and departure schedules while taking into account other variables such as canal appointments on a case by case basis.
  9. If trains run out of capacity and boxes miss trains as a result of a backlog following a return of labor, would there be terminal free time relief?
    VIT will extend free time at all its facilities, including the VIP, from the time the work stoppage begins and until it ends.
  10. Would the empty container yards be impacted for empty equipment dispatch?
    Equipment will not be delivered or received in the event of a work stoppage.
  11. Would the chassis pool bill during a labor action if the container/chassis can't get back into port?
    Virginia Intermodal Management (VIM) would not bill for any “on terminal” usage during the work stoppage.
  12. Would there be any operational hot-line phone numbers for customer relations and/or key operational areas?
    VIT would arrange for phone communication through the normal operational phone numbers. The website would be updated regularly with the latest details related to the potential (and actual, if applicable) labor action.


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