REVISED MESSAGE: New Terminal Gate and TRS Hours – Effective January 10 and 17, 2019

January 3, 2019

On December 20, 2018, we announced scheduled changes to gate and TRS hours across the port.  Those changes were to take effect on Jan. 10, 2019.  Mindful of current volumes, weekly cargo projections and vessel schedules, we have elected to modify those changes, as detailed in the revised message below.  PMT gate hours will change, effective on Thursday, January 10.  Gate and TRS hour changes at NIT, VIG and the PPCY have been delayed one week – now effective on Thursday, January 17.

As we begin a new year, The Port of Virginia is taking the opportunity to better align terminal gate and truck reservation system (TRS) hours, in order to ensure efficient access to your cargo. Many of the gate hours currently in place were initiated to support 2018’s peak season volumes.  As peak season volumes have ended, some expanded gate hours are now underutilized.

This initiative will also benefit the performance of the TRS.  We are increasing capacity during mandatory TRS hours and bringing hours into alignment across the port. Adjusting terminal gate hours will also enable better housekeeping/grooming of the stacks.  Please be advised of the following:

(Changes in BOLD and marked with**.)


Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT)

  • 0600 hours OPEN – 1600 hours (inbound closure/last export delivered)**
  • CLOSED – Saturday** (final Saturday gate hours offered on Jan. 5)
  • CLOSED – Sunday


Virginia International Gateway (VIG)

  • 0300 hours OPEN** – 1800 hours PORTAL CLOSURE, Monday – Thursday
  • 0300 hours OPEN** – 1700 hours PORTAL CLOSURE, Friday
    • Mandatory TRS hours from 0300 – 1200, Monday – Friday**
  • 0700 hours OPEN – 1100 hours PORTAL CLOSURE, Saturday
    • Fully TRS mandatory
  • CLOSED – Sunday

Norfolk International Terminals (NIT)

  • 0500 hours OPEN – 1700 hours PORTAL CLOSURE, Monday – Friday
    • Mandatory TRS hours from 0500 – 1200, Monday – Friday**
  • 0700 hours OPEN – 1100 hours PORTAL CLOSURE, Saturday
    • Fully TRS mandatory
  • CLOSED – Sunday


  • 0500 hours OPEN – 1730 hours LAST UNITS, Monday – Friday**
  • 0700 hours OPEN – 1130 hours LAST UNITS, Saturday
  • CLOSED – Sunday

All other terminal gate hours are unchanged.

To review standard operating hours, and TRS mandatory hours, at all Port of Virginia facilities, please click the link and select a terminal: (To be updated on January 9 and 16, in support of this message.)

Thank you for business and Happy New Year!