Governing Policies

The Port of Virginia is committed to conducting operations and managing resources in a fiscally responsible, environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner.  It is the intent of each organization to:

  1. Drive excellence in operations through our commitment to customer service, process efficiency, and innovation.
  2. Employ management systems and procedures specifically designed to improve efficiency of operations, address customer needs, and prevent activities and conditions that pose a threat to human health, safety, and the environment through communication, education, proactive leadership, and compliance.
  3. Adhere to an established framework for setting objectives that create competitive advantage, manage risk, and demonstrate a commitment to continual improvement.
  4. Meet or exceed all applicable Federal, State, and Local environmental and health and safety laws and regulations, and other requirements subscribed to by the organization
  5. Integrate financial and environmental costs, risks, and impacts into port project development and facility improvements and to continually evaluate and improve operational efficiencies and practices to achieve our established environmental and business objectives.
  6. Promote pollution prevention, response and recovery, and environmental awareness through communication with colleagues, customers, industry partners, government agencies, neighboring communities and environmental organizations.

The Virginia Port Authority and Virginia International Terminals, L.L.C., are committed to the spirit and intent of this policy and the laws and regulations, which give it foundation.

John F. Reinhart
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director
Virginia Port Authority

Shawn Tibbetts
Chief Operations Officer
Virginia International Terminals, L.L.C.