Green Operator Program

POV Green Operator Logo

Recognizing the need to modernize the drayage truck fleet and reduce the fuel and maintenance costs incurred by truck owners, The Port of Virginia created the Green Operator Program to incentivize truck owners to replace early model trucks with newer trucks equipped with clean-diesel technology.

The Port of Virginia Green Operator Program was the first voluntary truck replacement program ever developed by a U.S. port. To date,  Green Operator remains the most successful clean-truck program in the country, replacing or retrofitting over 400 trucks and reducing NOx,CO, VOC, SO2, and PM emissions from dray trucks servicing the Port by as much as 25%.

Truck owners servicing The Port of Virginia may choose from two options; 1) truck replacement or 2) truck retrofit. Monetary incentives are offered in both categories to assist with the purchase of a 2008 or newer truck or the purchase and installation of clean diesel technology for an existing truck.

To learn more about The Port of Virginia Green Operator Program, please visit the program’s dedicated website.