Tracking Services


Norfolk International Terminals (NIT), Richmond Marine Terminal (RMT) and Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT)  have aligned with Virginia International Gateway (VIG) in transitioning all tracking/tracing functionality to PRO-PASS. When this deployment occurs, the website will no longer support current tracking/tracing requests.

An online FAQ sheet is available here: PRO-PASS FAQ

Port partners and customers should consider the following:

  • You will need to log into PRO-PASS ( to access container availability, truck reservations, and historical transaction/search functions at all terminals
    • Please make sure you register for a PRO-PASS account today
    • PRO-PASS will provide exclusive access to The Port of Virginia’s tracking/tracing tools
  • The new PRO-PASS tracking site will allow you to search VIG, NIT, RMT and PMT simultaneously for container, bill of lading, booking, and gate transaction information
    • You will not have to specify a terminal, but that option is incorporated
    • To access container availability and historical transaction/search functions for PPCY/RSA and VIP please use
    • Historical transaction data for VIG units prior to May 12, 2018 can be found at via this link

An online version of this announcement can be found here: The Migration of Online Tracking and Tracing to PRO-PASS

For questions regarding PRO-PASS and the new tracking and tracing features, contact your Port Sales Representative or our Customer Service Team.