VIT Terminal Maps and Motor Carrier Safety Rules

Click here for Terminal Safety Maps (pdf)

VIT-managed facilities are ISO 14001/OHSMS 18001 compliant.

  • Report emergencies, including spills, to VPA Police at 757-440-7070. Non-emergency calls may use 683-2194/2195. Entry implies consent to CCTV monitoring and security screening.
  • Speed Limit is 20 MPH, unless posted otherwise. Chassis Service Area – 5 MPH. Seatbelts are mandatory. ANSI-2 safety vest/shirt and closed toe shoes are required when outside of truck. Hardhats are required in transfer zones and within 25 feet of any container equipment.
  • No use of cell phones/personal electronic devices while OPERATING a MOVING vehicle or while present on foot in a cargo handling area. No Littering. Any movement to the dock requires an escort. Smoking and E-Cigarette use is not permitted in cargo areas or within 25 feet of any building. Do not read paperwork when moving. Chassis must be parked in an authorized spot. During GENSET mounting, stand by the sign that says “Drivers please stand here.”
  • VIG Transfer Zone: Do not loiter outside of truck while waiting to back into a lane.
    Do not walk or drive behind a truck that is moving in reverse. Once in a lane, Turn
    off engine. Remain in Booth UNTIL the crane is clear of the container.
  • NIT Transfer Zone: Do not loiter on-foot in traffic lanes while waiting for Straddle Carrier arrival. Upon Straddle Carrier arrival, remain in the Booth until the Strad is completely clear of the chassis. Do not stand on concrete bollards next to the truck booth.
  • PPCY: Remain within the jersey barricades on the paved surface. Cutting through container stacks is prohibited. Traffic is one-way and U-Turns are prohibited. Minor adjustments of up to one container length (40 feet) in reverse may be made. The PPCY speed limit is 10 MPH. Motor Carriers must remain in the cab or at the front bumper on the same side as the jersey barricade while waiting to be loaded or unloaded. Walking into the stacks is prohibited. Secure locking pins only in a yellow safety lane.
  • VIG/NIT/NNMT Break Bulk Cargo Areas: Remain in truck OR under direct control of cargo personnel during the loading or unloading of freight.
  • Consequences of violating these rules: 1st Offense – Written Warning, 2nd Offense within 24 months 2 week suspension, 3rd offense 30 days, 4th offense 90 days, 5th offense 180 days.