Virginia International Gateway – Reefer Process

June 27, 2018

Trucking Partners,

We would like to confirm the existing policy/process for delivering live reefer loads at Virginia International Gateway (VIG).

Receiving live reefers at VIG:

  • Upon receiving a route ticket, the driver should proceed to the 400 rows (see map below) to receive a temperature check with a reefer mechanic.
    • If a chassis change is needed, the driver should proceed to the 400 rows prior to heading to the “flip” area.
    • If routed to the 400 rows, the driver should park in the route ticket assigned space and a reefer mechanic will come over to perform the temperature check.
    • If routed to a stack location, the driver should proceed to the 400 rows first for temperature check, then through the MRS genset line for genset removal, prior to heading to the assigned stack.
  • Please note that upon entry to the terminal, the driver’s license plate will be flagged with a temperature check hold that will prevent driver from exiting if no temperature check is performed.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to VIG’s yard department at 757-686-6120.

Thank you for your business.