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Internship Program

The Port of Virginia’s summer internship is an eight week paid program that is designed to develop, teach and mentor undergraduate and graduate students as they explore career opportunities within the maritime industry.  Each summer, interns are given the opportunity to apply their education to hands-on project focused tasks in various departments throughout The Port of Virginia.

The program runs from June 2022 – July 2022 and includes professional development, philanthropic activities and colleague engagement events. Summer Internship positions will post mid-November for application. 14 Interns have been hired as POV colleagues. That’s 1 in 4 interns since the program launched in 2014.

Internship Departments

You will have the opportunity to work directly with colleagues in a variety of different departments. Experience the ins and outs with your mentor and work closely with them on tasks, while managing your own task. We have opportunities in the following departments:

Human Resources
The Human Resources division supports our greatest asset, our colleagues. This team strategically partners with the business to build human capital through attracting, developing, engaging and retaining our colleagues.

Operations and Maintenance
This division manages all operations, maintenance, Information Technology, and security for each of our five terminals, oversees the maintenance of our assets, all while ensuring the safety of our colleagues, partners, and cargo.  

Administrative Services and Compliance
The Risk Management team services the organization by providing effective and industry leading best practices as it relates to claims management, forecasting, and risk modeling as well as specialized project oversight. The Supply Management team is responsible for the full scope of sourcing, procuring, and warehousing all inventory needs across the organization.

Innovation and Customer Service
Our Innovation division drives the organization forward through continuous improvement with our Process Excellence team and a customer-centric approach for internal and external stakeholders through the Customer Service team. Our Strategic Planning and Analytics team turns data into knowledge that can be used to support decision making throughout the organization.

As a global gateway for commerce, the Sales team drives our commercial strategy for the business. Working closely with our customers and external stakeholders, the Sales team tells the story of success at The Port of Virginia. 

Development and Government Affairs
The Development and Government Affairs division focuses on our impact to the Commonwealth of Virginia. From Economic Development to Government Affairs and Sustainability to our Maritime Incident Response Team, the division aligns strategies with customers, colleagues, and external stakeholders.  

The Marketing division is focused on planning, developing ,and executing the organization’s marketing, communications, and branding initiatives. The team takes their role as stewards of the brand seriously, consistently asking themselves to find the purpose, or the “why” of the messaging they create, to ensure they’re protecting and promoting the brand at every turn.

Financial Services
The Financial Services division supports the organization in all financial aspects of the Port, including Finance, Accounting, and Treasury. Providing timely, organized, and accurate financial information to the organization is a critical to its growth and sustainability.

Our legal team works closely with all divisions to provide sound advisory support and collaborative decision making throughout The Port of Virginia. This division is focused on safeguarding and improving the port, serving the business partners, and ensuring the port has efficient and comprehensive access to its legal resources.

I enjoyed my internship program a lot! I especially enjoyed how my supervisors took me along with them to meetings directly and indirectly related with my internship. I felt that it gave me more insight and discernment when it came to completing my project.

Development Sessions

Interns participate in a full calendar of professional development sessions, philanthropic activities and colleague engagement events that will include:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality type assessment allows you to learn more about yourself and then apply what you learned to work better with others.

Terminal Tours

Interns will have the opportunity to visit our various terminals and see how each terminal operates, which may include crane and equipment simulator experiences.

Project Management

Your experience here will prepare you for your career beyond school by providing you with an actual port project to work on that will require you to work with colleagues across the organization. But don’t worry – our project management professionals will share their tips and tricks to help you manage your projects and find your way.


Participate in networking events around Norfolk and learn about what makes Norfolk a great place to live, work, and play!

Social Media Tips for Personal Branding

We will teach you how to have a professional online persona that will help you not only get hired, but connect you with the right company that fits your values.

Being able to work with a diverse group of people, both within the Port of Virginia and some contractors, has given me a unique view as well, being able to see how the two interact and how business relationships extend beyond the immediate workplace


Alex Liverman
Manager, Talent Acquisition
Phone : (757) 635-6388
Brenna Ivey
Learning and Development Specialist
Phone : (757) 660-4095