At the Port, we believe that part of our corporate responsibility is to give back to our communities, and our philanthropic focus is designed to make a meaningful impact on those we serve.

Focus Areas of Philanthropy
To make the most meaningful impact in our communities, the Port focuses on distinct areas of giving and service:

  • Education and Workforce Development:  The path to social mobility and enhanced opportunities includes education and career readiness. Our primary focus is on institutions that offer areas of study or experience important to the maritime industry and from which we are interested in recruiting for our future workforce.
  • Awareness and Stewardship of the Commonwealth’s Ports, Harbors and Navigable Waterways:  Awareness of the Port’s impact on economic development, commerce and trade and the protection of the harbors and navigable waterways are of utmost importance to the future prosperity of the Commonwealth.  We invest in and serve non-profit organizations with programs that contribute to the promotion and recognition of the maritime industry, global trade, transportation of port-related goods and the protection and quality of the harbor and its related navigable waterways.
  • Health and Safety:   The people that make up the Port and the people around the Commonwealth that we serve are the fabric of our communities and their health and safety is one of our top priorities.  We invest in and serve organizations that promote wellness, prevention, and the health and safety of our citizens across the Commonwealth.
  • Community Enrichment: In an effort to do our part in lifting up the people who need the most help, the Port dedicates time and resources to broad-based programs that serve large populations of those in need.