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The Port of Virginia has a special responsibility to the communities where we operate. We are committed to supporting localities and maintaining strong local partnerships.

The Port of Virginia’s environmental policy can be found here.

Education and Workforce Development

A strong talent pipeline for tomorrow benefits the Port, local communities, and our Commonwealth. We’re focusing on enhancing opportunities for career development by supporting institutions with areas of study or experiences important to the maritime industry.

Stewardship of the Commonwealth’s Maritime Industry

We invest in and serve non-profit organizations that contribute to the promotion and recognition of the maritime industry, global trade, and transportation of port-related goods.

Health and Safety

Protecting our employees and people throughout the Commonwealth is a priority at The Port of Virginia. We invest and partner with organizations that promote the wellness of citizens across Virginia and are committed to serving identified needs in our community.

Aid To Local Ports

Each year The Port of Virginia is able to distribute $1,000,000 through Aid to Local Ports. The grant is used to support capital needs of publicly-owned ocean, river, and tributary ports and their marine facilities within the Commonwealth. The Aid to Local Ports grant helps to foster and stimulate the flow of commerce through the ports of Virginia.

Virginia Waterway Maintenance Fund

In May 2018, the Virginia General Assembly established the Virginia Waterway Maintenance Fund for the purpose of supporting shallow-draft dredging projects throughout the Commonwealth. The source of the grant funds shall be the Virginia Waterway Maintenance Grant Fund. The Virginia Port Authority finds it necessary and in the public body interest, and pursuant to its statutory responsibility, to establish the Virginia Waterway Maintenance Grant Program Guidelines.

Port opportunity fund

The Port Opportunity Fund was established in 2012 for the purposes of providing incentives for expanding the use of the Virginia Port Authority facilities for import and export of containerized and non-containerized cargoes. The distribution of funds from the Port Opportunity Fund is in accordance with the guidelines established by Virginia Port Authority Board of Commissioners.

Port of Virginia Economic and Infrastructure Development Grant Program

The Port of Virginia Economic and Infrastructure Development Grant Program (POV Grant) provides a grant to certain Qualified Companies, as described below, to incentivize companies to locate new maritime-related employment centers or expand existing centers in specified localities in order to encourage and facilitate the growth of The Port of Virginia in accordance with criteria established by legislation. The statutory provisions for the POV Grant can be found at Section 62.1-132.3:2 of the Code of Virginia.

To apply, please review the Grant Program Guidelines and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Visit http://tax.portofvirginia.com/ to submit your application.

Virginia department of historic resources

While now used to move cargo throughout Virginia and global markets, Norfolk International Terminals was once a critical point for movement of goods to troops serving overseas. Read more about the role of NIT as an Army Quartermaster base during World War I here.


The Port of Virginia has historically published Air Emissions Inventories on a cadence of roughly every five years. For access to these reports, please email POVCommunity@portofvirginia.com.

Aerial view of ship to shore stacking cranes, container yard, and berth at Virginia International Gateway at The Port of Virginia
Virginia International Gateway