Virginia is your business accelerator

Business-ready sites, workforce development and strategic incentives make Virginia an ideal partner for your long-term success.

Ranked as America’s No. 2 Top State for Business by CNBC, Virginia offers an excellent environment for business success. With a world-class, highly-educated workforce, Virginia is the northernmost right-to-work state on the East Coast and has had a stable 6% corporate income tax, lower than the national median of 6.5%.

With the deepest, widest channels on the U.S. East Coast, semi-automated terminals and world-class operational efficiency, The Port of Virginia is uniquely positioned to accelerate your business in Virginia and beyond.

In just the last three years, more than 19 million square feet of new and expanded warehouse space was announced throughout Virginia, totaling an investment of more than $6 billion and creating more than 18,000 new jobs.

Virginia’s site selection tools enable you to explore more than 2,300 available sites to identify the location and resources that fit your business needs. The port partnership with the Commonwealth puts a top state for business to work for you.

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