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At The Port of Virginia, sustainability is one of our six core values and a focus in all aspects of our work. Our program is anchored by four principles- healthy and safe operations, environmental stewardship, social accountability and financial responsibility.  We are also investing in our communities, terminals and our people, so we can serve as the region’s economic engine for generations to come.

Our colleagues continually evaluate processes for opportunities to improve efficiency, enhance customer service, reduce environmental impacts, and create programs that help build better communities.  Innovation and creativity are keys to our success.  Alternative energy options, advanced engineering techniques, innovative technology, and merely changing the way we conduct business are just a few of the strategies that are executed to support our customers and enhance our operations.

We seek to improve air and water quality within our communities, advance stewardship of the Commonwealth’s ports, harbors, and navigable waterways, and increase efficiency of multi-modal transportation systems in the region, the nation and the world.

For more information, please contact

Mr. Kit Chope
Vice President, Sustainability

Mr. Scott Whitehurst
Director, Environmental Policy and Compliance

Mr. Ron Green
Director, Process Excellence

Mr. Billy Goodson
Environmental Compliance Specialist